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Our Affiliate Terms & Conditions

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Our Affiliate Terms And Conditions

  • You will be given 10% commission for every sign you make with your referral code.
  • This commission will be given to you 10% of the plan for the first month only.
  • You will be given commission only 10% commission of the pack the customer has purchased in the first month of the month brought by you.
  • If that client buys a plan of Rs 130 or more in the next month, then you will be given 10% commission for that.
  • If that client does not buy a plan of Rs 130 or more in the next month. So you will not be given his commission.
  • You can send a withdrawal request when the amount received through the Affiliate program exceeds ₹250. And within 7 working days your affiliate program funds will be sent to your account in your bank account.

We may change and amend our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Affiliate Terms of Use, at any time Please ensure that you agree to all these Terms and Conditions. Otherwise we will not be responsible for any serious matter. Nor will any person related (Owner, Employee, Anyone) be responsible for this.